Does NO2 Make You Gain Weight?

We have been hearing rumors that some people are trying to use NO2 pills as energy supplements, and we can’t help but laugh. This is completely ridiculous and makes no sense. Nitric oxide has nothing in it that would promote energy. It simply promotes blood flow and that gives gym goer’s the “pump” that feels so great and helps them gain strength during their training.

To put this rumor to rest, NO2 will NOT help you increase energy. It’s actually designed to help you gain weight, or gain muscle. Unless people are doing something crazy like cooking it and mixing it up with other chemicals, which that in itself is just nuts.


Who invented NO2?

NO2 was first introduced by Ed Byrd, the founder of EAS. Ed Byrd was also the pioneer who discovered creatine. Creatine really made waves in the bodybuilding community when Bill Phillips, publisher of Muscle Media 2000 acquired EAS in 1994, and began writing about the benefits in his subscriber based newsletters.