BSN Nitrix Review

BSN Nitrix has been around for quite sometime. I remember ordering it as a replacement for the german NO2 pills that were discontinued on back in 2004. While Nitrix isn’t anywhere near as good as those German NO2 pills I had, it does okay. My biggest problem with BSN’s product, is the size of the pills. It’s nuts how big these things are, and it’s extremely annoying to have to take 4 of the friggin things every day! I know I’ve almost choked on these pills several times.

Now here’s the kicker – I only notice an increase in pump after taking Nitrix for almost 2 weeks, and that alone was enough to make me lose interest in the product altogether. The pills I had before started working almost immediately. I think by day 3 I started to notice a boost in the gym. Nitrix for me is just a pretty bottle. I can’t recommend it; thumbs down for sure.