When to take Nitric Oxide – Pre Workout or Anytime?

Some people say they only take their Nitric Oxide supplement right before going to the gym, and we believe they are wasting their money by doing this.

The fact is, you need more arginine than just one serving for it to have any effect on your body. The reason most NO2 pills are so big is mainly due to this reason. You need a LOT of arginine if you want to get those awesome pumps in the gym. Taking it before the gym, after the gym doesn’t matter. You should spread the servings out during the day. If you look closely at most of the recommended dosage, it usually says take 3 or so pills, 3 times per day, 3-4 hours apart. If you’re really wanting those insane pumps, then stick to the recommendations.

These aren’t magical pills that you can take on the fly to get swole. Doesn’t work like that. Do some research on arginine. After all, that’s all NO2 or Nitric Oxide really is.


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