Who is the best Bodybuilder of All Time?

Who is the best Bodybuilder of All Time?

Comparing yesterday’s bodybuilders to today’s body builders

It’s clear that we have advanced in technology and available supplements available to bodybuilders of today, but does that play a factor in who is better suited to be the best bodybuilder of all time?

Who used Steroids?

This is a common question and it deserves close attention considering the sport of Body Building is growing rapidly in popularity and continues to have many unknown variables to many professional’s success. Bodybuilders are often questioned, who takes steroids and who doesn’t? Who admitted to taking them, and who denies taking them? Did Arnold Schwarzenegger take steroids? Did Ronnie Coleman take steroids? Did Jay Cutler take steroids? These are all great questions and the answers are right in front of us. If you find the right interview, you can actually find them being asked about steroids and deduce from a specific bodybuilder’s response whether or not they took performance enhancers or not. We will not point fingers, so we’ll let you decide for yourself.


Who invented NO2?

NO2 was first introduced by Ed Byrd, the founder of EAS. Ed Byrd was also the pioneer who discovered creatine. Creatine really made waves in the bodybuilding community when Bill Phillips, publisher of Muscle Media 2000 acquired EAS in 1994, and began writing about the benefits in his subscriber based newsletters.

What is NO2?

NO2 is comprised of Arginine, which is an amino acid. The L-form is one of 20 most common natural amino acids.  L refers to the chiral molecule that lacks an internal plane of symmetry and has a non-superposable mirror image.  In other words it isn’t identical.  The human hands are the world’s best known example of chirality.  The left hand is not a mirror image of the right hand; no matter how the two hands are oriented.   Have you ever tried to shake someone’s left hand with your right hand?  It won’t work, even though they are on the same side and opposite of each other.  L-form amino acids have the same basic principals.  It’s the mathematical approach of “handedness.” Great article on Chirality here.

What NO2 is not:

NO2 is nothing like fat burners and should not be taken as so.

NO2 is not an energy supplement and does nothing to promote increasing your energy levels.

Who makes the Best NO2

Who makes the Best NO2?  That is a common question.  Short answer.  Best NO2 makes the Best NO2 products.  We develop everything in house.  Of course ingredients are sourced as we don’t grow plants here at our facility.  Only the best ingredients are used for the Best NO2 pills, so quality assurance is never a problem.

What is the Best NO2 Pills?

What is the Best NO2 Product for Bodybuilding?  The Best NO2 supplements are designed as a precursor.  Containing arginine, which is the immediate precursor of NO, agmatine, ornithine, and urea, is the required component for the synthesis of creatine.  The Best NO2 provides increased vasculinity, and has also been known to treat the herpes simplex virus.

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